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As the trending of globalization, the needs are about to focus on adapting the reality to think and act to get through language barrier as well as different culture. ONEDANA believes that there always might be students who have the passions to get the chance to come to get key success.


This is the reason why ONEDANA did establish with the hope that Vietnam will develop more, civilization of humanity. There are all the Japanese native speaker will teach not only the things in textbook but also soft skills, communication skill to provide students helpful knowledge when everything is going against. It can be said that, applying in our center is definitely the right choice.

With the quote:


ONEDANA wants to establish a Japanese Center provide a huge amount human re source for Danang in specific and center area in general. Orienting for the youth startup their business, meet the needs about the knowledgeable and globalizational working environment. ONEDANA JSC administrative objectives: making students satisfied, bringing up excellent students group; and contributing our regional area. Although Japanese schools vary in their objectives and styles these years, ONEDANA put great emphasis of our students’ dreams and happiness, and make contribution to Japanese education globally. Please fulfill you dream here via our specialized Japanese educational organization!

Thank you very much!